Academic Online Course in Primer Design and RT-PCR

Immerse yourself in the world of primer design and gene expression evaluation by RT-PCR through our exceptional academic course, tailored for students, researchers, and healthcare professionals in the field of life sciences.

Course outlines:

Introduction to Primer Design

Importance of primer design in PCR amplification

Primer design considerations and guidelines

Bioinformatics tools for primer design

Understanding PCR and RT-PCR

Principles and components of polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and its applications

Differences between conventional PCR and RT-PCR

Target Selection and Template Preparation

Selecting the target sequence for amplification

Template DNA or RNA extraction and purification methods

Quality assessment and quantification of nucleic acid samples

Primer Design Strategies

Designing specific and efficient primers

Avoiding primer dimers and nonspecific amplification

Primer design for multiplex PCR and variant analysis

Primer Optimization and Validation

PCR optimization parameters (annealing temperature, Mg2+ concentration, etc.)

Primer melting temperature (Tm) calculation and optimization

Validating primer efficiency and specificity

RT-PCR Experimental Workflow

Reverse transcription of RNA to cDNA

PCR setup and reaction optimization

PCR cycling conditions and protocols

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Analyzing PCR and RT-PCR results

Interpreting amplification curves and Ct values

Troubleshooting common issues and artifacts

Practical Hands-on Training

Designing primers using bioinformatics tools

Performing PCR and RT-PCR experiments in the laboratory

Analyzing and interpreting experimental data

Course Duration:

20 hours

Our course welcomes students and professionals with a background in life sciences or related disciplines.

Contact Information:

For registration, inquiries, or further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our coordinator (Dr. B. Gunay) via WhatsApp at [+90 538 455 80 29]. Additionally, feel free to leave a reply and post your comment in the box below. Our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you promptly with any queries you may have.

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